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We, the ZEN-NOH Group, are the trusted and reliable go-between linking producers and consumers.
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Agribusiness Marketing & Planning

About the Agribusiness Marketing & Planning Department

The Agribusiness Marketing & Planning Department provides integrated project coordination of tasks ranging from production to sales. This department disseminates new species, new technologies and low-cost production systems to production areas based on the needs of consumers and users. It also promotes connections between production and sales through TAC (Team for Agricultural Coordination) activities.

Agribusiness Initiatives

In the agribusiness sector, we provide information on agribusiness, propose and publicize the outcomes of new technologies from R&D developments, cultivate and select plant varieties, and provide personnel development opportunities (seminars, training sessions) to improve the technical skills of JA Group employees.

Through TAC activities, which aim to raise the incomes of farmers and expand JA businesses, we are expanding and strengthening our ability to link production and sales. We are also cultivating personnel to increase the level of services TACs provide and tie their activities to the community.

Providing Information on Agribusiness

APPINES/AgriInfo is a producer-oriented service that supports the agribusiness activities of its paying members. The service offers a wide array of information—such as current data on agrichemical registration and agrichemical residue standards—as well as information about agribusiness technology and production materials. Its newest feature is a meteorological data service based on 5 km sections displayed in a grid.

The Green Report, a monthly magazine published by ZEN-NOH, includes information on agribusiness and technology, efforts under way at production sites, and sales of fresh produce.

Proposing R&D on New Technologies and Publicizing the Results

Planting iron-coated seeds
Iron-coated seeds

We promote the development and dissemination of cultivation technologies aimed at saving labor and reducing costs, and also engage in environmentally sound agribusiness.

FOEAS diagram
FOEAS diagram Source: National Agriculture and Food Research Organizations (NARO)

Cultivation and Selection of New Species

We cultivate and select new species based on characteristics that meet the needs of both consumers and producers, and conduct product-processing research on agricultural produce.

Safer Farming

To promote safer farming among producers and increase consumer confidence in domestic agricultural produce, we perform analyses on residual agrichemicals. We also disseminate the ZEN-NOH Reassurance System, which is designed to manage data on the production, processing and distribution of agricultural and livestock products.

The ZEN-NOH Reassurance System

This logo is used on products whose production information can be confirmed

Meals are an essential part of everyday life. The ingredients that go into those meals are delivered from production areas throughout the country. Agricultural and livestock products (such as rice, vegetables, fruit, and meat) certified under the ZEN-NOH Reassurance System are items whose food safety history can be traced on our website. We can identify how the food was made at the production area and how it was processed and distributed. A third party conducts a review during an annual certification check.

This logo is used on products whose production information can be confirmed.

Personnel Development

The Agricultural Research and Development Center engages in JA Group personnel development, We hold technical workshops for JA Group employees on agribusiness, fertilizers, agrichemicals, materials, agricultural machinery, facilities and lifestyle issues.


Team for Agricultural Coordination or TAC is the nickname for teams of JA specialists dispatched to support local agricultural efforts. There are currently more than 1,600 TACs active throughout the country. Based on the opinions and wishes farmers voice during regular visits by TACs, we provide them with comprehensive support to resolve their issues and improve their farm management. ZEN-NOH is promoting the further spread of the TAC system through the introduction of successful projects and through its training courses.

Minori Minoru Project

We launched the Minori Minoru Project in 2010 as a way to plan and implement projects that would enable TACs to respond quickly to the opinions and requests of the individual farm managers they interview. The goals of this project are to revitalize communities, develop products, and improve the food self-sufficiency ratio of communities. The plans for connecting producers to the general public include the development of food and beverage service establishments, websites, trade fairs and free publications. These introduce people to various types of agricultural and livestock products as well as the stories of the people and local communities that produce them.


In partnership with the TACs, we are building a highly profitable food and beverage service business model using seasonal, domestically produced farm products and locally branded products.


The Minori Minoru Project website explains the concept behind this project and the tasks being undertaken. One of these is the TAC Twitter feed, where the TACs share information about their daily activities nationwide. They are sharing a wide range of information useful to both producers and the general public.

TAC on Twitter
TAC on Twitter

Agricultural Product Fairs

TACs periodically hold agricultural product fairs that sell products while telling their story such as the passion of the producer and the local food culture. At these fairs, we build on the efforts of the free paper Agrifuture to directly convey to consumers the best aspects of local communities and the advantages of the food products highlighted in the paper.

Minori Minoru Fair
Minori Minoru Fair


This free print and web magazine advertises the product fairs and covers the JAs that hold the fairs to introduce the producers, products, local cultures and TAC activities within the JAs. We publish this information in the hope that will provide a chance for the individuals who live in these areas to reconfirm everything they like best about their communities, and to help improve local food circulation (the internal food self-sufficiency ratio within a community).


Marketing Initiatives

In the marketing area, we are partnering with ZEN-NOH Group direct sales companies to strengthen sales of domestically produced farm products to strengthen the marketing capabilities through sales, and working to expand our export and retail businesses.

Marketing Business

By partnering with group companies, we are working to strengthen sales of general commodities to co-ops and large-volume retail stores through initiatives such as ZEN-NOH fairs.

Export Business

We are working to expand exports of domestically produced farm products, primarily to China and Southeast Asia. We are also promoting domestically produced farm products and expanding sales by holding ZEN-NOH Fairs at the permanent sales outlets we have established at specific overseas stores.