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About the Agrichemicals Business

Agrochemicals played a major role in increasing the production of food domestically during the era of food shortages after World War II, and contributed greatly to reducing arduous farm labor—such as weeding fields—during Japan's era of high economic growth. Agrochemicals are still an indispensable resource for agricultural production and play the key role of controlling diseases, insects and weeds required to stably produce food.

JA ZEN-NOH provides low-cost, high-quality agrochemicals through joint production efforts with agrochemical manufacturers, develops and distributes generic agrochemicals, and introduced bulk-size packaging.

In terms of safety, JA ZEN-NOH thoroughly implements the appropriate use of agrochemicals, provides pest control that respects the surrounding environment, monitors pest control activities, and fosters the use of protective gear for the safety of agrochemical users.

Since 1967, JA ZEN-NOH has been training pest control advisors to teach safe and appropriate agrochemical use and support agricultural development. These certified advisors are active at many production sites throughout the country. The Safe Pest Control program, stated in 1971, has done a great deal to ensure that agrochemical use standards are observed and prevent accidents involving agrochemical users.

JA ZEN-NOH will continue to promote the production of safe and reliable agricultural products, maximize the profit of producers, and increase the competitiveness of the entire JA Group.

Major products

The standard in lowland rice weed control

MY-100 (chemical name: oxaziclomefone)—jointly developed by JA ZEN-NOH and Bayer CropScience Co., Ltd. —has a long residual effect at a low concentration rate when used to control barnyard millet, which is a difficult weed to manage in rice paddies.
MY-100 is the active ingredient in a number of herbicides such as Naginata (Kumiai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.), Thoroughbred KAI (Kyoyu Agri Co., Ltd.) and Sirius Exa (Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.), all of which have a good reputation.

The Farmers’ Go-To Insecticide: J-Ace
New dimension to effectiveness

AVH-301 (chemical name: tefuryltrione)—which is highly effective against most SU herbicide-resistant weeds—was developed jointly by JA ZEN-NOH, Bayer CropScience and Hokko Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. AVH-301 is the active ingredient in a number of herbicides such as Kachiboshi (Hokko Chemical Industry), Comet (Nissan Chemical Industry) and Bodyguard (Bayer CropScience and Kumiai Chemical Industry). All these products have continued to exhibit great effectiveness since they entered the market. Please test their "new dimension of effectiveness" for yourselves.

Supracide – Specific insecticide against Scale insects
Supracide: Effective against scale insects

In January 2012, JA ZEN-NOH acquired all rights for the Japanese market to "Supracide 40EC" and "Supracide WP" from the Swiss company Syngenta.
Since it was registered in 1967, Supracide has been sold as a broad-spectrum insecticide and used on a wide range of crops, including tea, mandarin oranges, deciduous fruit trees, flowers and ornamental plants. Even though it has been on the market for over four decades, Supracide is held in high regard for its fast results and stable efficacy among the many scale insect pesticides.
Before JA ZEN-NOH acquired it, Supracide was distributed through two channels (both agricultural cooperatives and wholesalers). From October 2012, Kumiai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. began to manufacture the formulated product and sell it exclusively through agricultural cooperatives. We hope you will continue to support JA Supracide.

Roundup Max Load
Dekazo-kun: Promoting bulk-sized agrochemical packaging

JA ZEN-NOH is pushing the spread of bulk-sized agrochemical packaging as a way to lower costs for all farmers. Agrochemicals purchased in bulk-sized packaging are comparatively cheaper than in the normal size containers. JA ZEN-NOH is working to expand bulk-size packaging, which is convenient for large-scale use, focusing on the agrochemicals most widely used in Japan.
JA ZEN-NOH designed the Dekazo-kun logo for bulk-sized agrochemical containers so that farmers can recognize them at a glance. Please look for the Dekazo-kun label when shopping at your local JA store.

Making agrochemicals safe to handle

Conditions surrounding the diversification of the production environment and consumer needs are always changing. JA ZEN-NOH works to ensure that farm products, the environment and producers are all safe.

Preserving the safety of farm products

A pest control recordkeeping program was initiated in 1989. At Pilot JA locations, records of agrochemical use are kept and crops are tested for agrochemical residues to demonstrate that farm products were safe.
JA ZEN-NOH will continue to conduct comprehensive guidance in the safe production of farm products, including the appropriate use of agrochemicals and the prevention of agrochemical drift to other crops. In addition, we plan to create a pest control handbook that will serve as a basic resource for appropriate agrichemical use.

Efforts to preserve the safety of the environment and producers

In addition to the development of agrochemical application technology that takes the health of the environment into consideration, JA ZEN-NOH is working to prevent agrochemical drift and chemical run-off during agrochemical use. We are also working on methods of protecting agrochemical users, such as developing protective clothing and promoting the wearing of protective gear.