ZEN-NOH : National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations

We, the ZEN-NOH Group, are the trusted and reliable go-between linking producers and consumers.
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Business Overview

  1. Rice
  2. Fruits and Vegetables
  3. Farm Products
  4. Livestock Sales
  5. Dairy Farming
  6. Livestock Production
  7. Agricultural Marketing and Planning
  8. Fertilizer
  9. Agrichemicals
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  12. Petroleum Products
  13. LP gas
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Fruits and Vegetables (Fresh Produce Sales)

About the Produce Business

ZEN-NOH is involved in the produce business, producing and distributing fruits and vegetables as well as flowers, seeds and seedlings. On the production side, our desire to increase our services to farmers has led to policies that improve joint rates for sales and marketing and the promotion of organizational improvements among producers. To stabilize the profits of producers, we are striving to strengthen sales capabilities by dealing with wholesalers, whom we treat as partners, and expanding our direct sales business. By regulating supply and demand, simplifying standards and disseminating returnable containers, we are able to reduce distribution costs and ensure the stable delivery of safe and reliable fresh produce to consumers at stable prices.

Sales Trends for ZEN-NOH Fresh Produce

Sales Trends for ZEN-NOH Fresh Produce

Note: In addition to the above, we recorded ¥56.8 billion in flower, seeds and seedling sales in FY2014.

Overview of Fresh Produce Distribution and the JA Group’s Share

Rice Distribution Flow Chart


  1. The agricultural output figures provided (source: production farm income statistics) are from FY2010. Wholesale market sales figures (source: wholesale market data book) are from FY2009. ZEN-NOH Fresh Produce Marketing Corporation sales figures are from FY2011. Imported fresh produce figures (foreign trade statistics) are from FY2011.
  2. Agricultural output shipped to JA and usage rate by JA federations are calculated using the agricultural output (FY2010) and the FY2010 Business Year Comprehensive Agricultural Co-op Statistical Tables.

Production Promotions (Producer-Based Policies)

[ Strengthening Production Proposals and Support Based on Stakeholder ]

Strengthening Production Proposals and Support Based on Stakeholder

Strengthening Sales Capabilities

[ Example of Sales for Processing Initiative ]

Example of Sales for Processing Initiative

Distribution Structure Reforms