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We, the ZEN-NOH Group, are the trusted and reliable go-between linking producers and consumers.
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Rice (Rice Sales)

About the Rice Business

Rice is an irreplaceable staple in the Japanese diet. To stabilize its supply and demand, the JA Group works together to promote systematic production tailored to meet demand and systematically expand sales. To ensure that we can maintain a safe and reliable supply of rice to consumers, we are working to increase sales of JA Rice, the cultivation records for which can be tracked and confirmed. We are also working to reduce distribution costs and export safe, high-quality, domestically produced rice overseas. To optimize the output of rice paddies, we are producing and supplying rice for feed and working on dealing in new processed foods made from rice, such as bread made from rice flour. We are also encouraging greater rice consumption through marketing that includes promoting sales of 100 percent domestically produced Pearl Rice.

Sales Trends in the Rice Business

Sales Trends in the Rice Business

Rice Distribution


The approximately 8.1 million tons of rice Japan produces each year reaches consumers through a variety of channels. The JA Group accounts for about 44 percent of these channels, while ZEN-NOH handles about 33 percent.(in 2014)

Rice Distribution Flow Chart
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