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We, the ZEN-NOH Group, are the trusted and reliable go-between linking producers and consumers.
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Agricultural Machinery

About the Agricultural Machinery Business

ZEN-NOH deals in a wide range of agricultural machinery that is essential to agricultural production, including tractors, rice transplanters, combines, vegetable cultivators, drying and sorting machines, and other equipment. Agricultural machinery contributes significantly to reducing labor, the implementation of labor at optimal times/seasons, and increases in harvests and the size of the business thanks to more focused work patterns. While this machinery is essential to agricultural production, it poses challenges in efforts to reduce costs and raise efficiency, and in relation to long-term maintenance.

Trends in Sales of Agricultural Machinery

Trends in Sales of Agricultural Machinery

Domestic demand for agricultural machinery has been in decline since its 1976 peak of ¥600 billion (the value of shipments according to manufacturers). In 2015, the value of shipments was about half of the peak level at approximately ¥250 billion. The number of farms has been decreasing between 9 and 10 percent in five-year increments since 1985, and with the aging of farmers and the shortage of labor becoming increasingly challenging problems, the demand for agricultural machinery is expected to decrease even further. Policies to support farmers need to be strengthened as agricultural production systems change.

Goals for the Agricultural Machinery Business

Integrated Management of JAs, Prefectural Regions

Under this setup, JA agricultural machinery businesses in prefectures are jointly operated by the JA in cooperation with either ZEN-NOH or the relevant prefectural federation. Our goal is to upgrade repair and maintenance facilities and take a step forward by improving the finances of the agricultural machinery business and consolidate business resources.