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We, the ZEN-NOH Group, are the trusted and reliable go-between linking producers and consumers.
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Business Overview

  1. Rice
  2. Fruits and Vegetables
  3. Farm Products
  4. Livestock Sales
  5. Dairy Farming
  6. Livestock Production
  7. Agricultural Marketing and Planning
  8. Fertilizer
  9. Agrichemicals
  10. Materials
  11. Agricultural Machinery
  12. Petroleum Products
  13. LP gas
  14. Daily Necessities


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Petroleum Products

About the Oil Business

Many fruits and vegetables can now be eaten during any season thanks to improvements in greenhouse cultivation and other production technologies. Petroleum products help makes this happen. And of course agricultural machinery such as tractors and combines also run on fuel made from petroleum products.

With gasoline and diesel serving as fuel for the vehicles used to transport agricultural produce and kerosene serving as the fuel for various types of heaters, petroleum products are necessities for agricultural producers. To ensure a stable supply of petroleum products to producers, ZEN-NOH purchases them from companies in Japan and overseas and delivers them to oil facilities such as JA service stations. We also supply JA with the know-how needed to manage service stations.

Trends in the Sales of Petroleum Products

Trends in the Sales of Petroleum Products

Main Types of Petroleum Products

Petroleum Product Distribution

ZEN-NOH’s Domestic Market Share

Total demand in Japan for the main petroleum products (gasoline, kerosene, diesel, Class A fuel oil) was calculated at about 120 million kl in FY2012. ZEN-NOH is one of Japan's largest oil distributors.

Oil Type ZEN-NOH Share of Domestic Demand (%)
Gasoline 6.2
Kerosene 7.9
Diesel 3.7
Class A fuel oil 4.5
Total 5.5
Petroleum Product Distribution Flowchart
Petroleum Product Distribution Flowchart
Reference: Taxes on Oil

The following taxes are included in the prices of petroleum products:

Name Amount (yen/l)
Crude oil Petroleum and coal tax: 2.54
Gasoline Gasoline tax (gasoline tax + local gasoline tax): 53.8
Diesel Light oil delivery tax: 32.1

Goals of the Oil Business

  1. Provide a stable supply of the high-quality petroleum products needed for everyday life and agribusiness
    • We are striving to strengthen our purchasing power by owning and managing petroleum terminals, demonstrating our mobility through the subcontracting of large trucks, and stocking up on product from both domestic and overseas suppliers. We aim to ensure a stable supply of high-quality fuel for agribusiness.
    • We conduct inspections pursuant to the Act on the Quality Control of Gasoline and Other Fuels, and continue to supply high-quality petroleum products.
    • When JA investment and management is difficult, we manage and operate service stations on a contract basis to offer convenient access to fuel to JA members and the general public.
  2. Reduce business costs
    • We are rationalizing business systems, improving efficiency, reducing distribution costs, and building business systems that are more competitive.
  3. Support improved financial balance in the JA oil business
    • We are supporting the creation and implementation of restructuring plans for service stations and distribution centers, and striving to strengthen the competitiveness of the JA oil business.
    • We will promote knowledge of the JA-SS brand and improve the brand's ability to attract customers.
  1. Refers to service stations operated by JA or JA Group companies.
  2. A service station is a gasoline station that offers various services like car washes and oil changes in addition to supplying fuel.