ZEN-NOH : National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations

We, the ZEN-NOH Group, are the trusted and reliable go-between linking producers and consumers.
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  7. Agricultural Marketing and Planning
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About the Fertilizer Business

Fertilizers provide crops with the nutrients necessary for growth and are vitally important to Japanese food production. Currently, however, the raw materials for the main components of fertilizers—nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potassium—are mostly imported. JA ZEN-NOH imports raw materials for fertilizers to contribute to the stable supply and prices of fertilizers.
Healthy soil is crucial to producing crops that are safe and delicious. JA ZEN-NOH promotes effective fertilization based on soil tests. Furthermore, JA ZEN-NOH develops and disseminates technology and materials that help reduce labor and costs, which in turn lessens the overall cost of crop fertilization.

Stable fertilizer supply

Stable fertilizer supply The workflow from importing raw fertilizer materials to distribution

The workflow from importing raw fertilizer materials to distribution

Efficient fertilization based on soil testing

To achieve efficient fertilization based on soil testing, JA ZEN-NOH manages soil-testing centers, trains personnel who can explain the results of the tests, and develops various products such as soil analyzers, Shinsaku-Kun Meister 2—a software that determines optimal fertilization based on soil analysis results—and low-cost fertilizers.

Labor-saving, low-cost fertilizers

*Various coated fertilizers

(1) Fertilizers that reduce labor costs
These fertilizers are mixtures of several slow-release fertilizers (coated fertilizers and chemically synthesized slow-release fertilizers) that reduce the amount of labor associated with supplementary fertilization.

*Examples of low PK fertilizer (PK Save series).

(2) Low-cost fertilizers
These fertilizers contain less phosphoric acid and potassium, which reduces their cost. These fertilizers use minimally utilized resources found in Japan, which reduces their cost.