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We, the ZEN-NOH Group, are the trusted and reliable go-between linking producers and consumers.
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Livestock Production (Feed)

About the Livestock Production (Feed) Business

To help farmers manage their livestock businesses, ZEN-NOH’s livestock production business helps maintain the livestock production infrastructure using quality breeding pigs and embryo transfer (ET) technologies, conducts R&D on livestock breeding, and works to ensure stable access to feed and reduce its costs by cooperation with overseas subsidiaries.

Our feed business, ZEN-NOH Grain Corporation (ZGC), boasts the world’s largest sales volumes from a single grain elevator along the Gulf of Mexico in the United States (New Orleans). We are working to ensure stable access to the primary compound feed ingredients (such as corn).

Along with our subsidiaries, we are also working to ensure the safety and reliability of our feed by handling PHF (no post-harvest agrichemical use) and non-GMO (non-genetically modified) corn, as well as by building traceability systems.

Feed Ingredient and Compound Feed Distribution Flow Chart

Feed Ingredient and Compound Feed Distribution Flow Chart

Sales of ZEN-NOH Group Compound Feed

Sales of ZEN-NOH Group Compound Feed

The quantity of domestic compound feed distributed in Japan is trending at about 24 million to 25 million tons per year, about 30% of which is handled by the ZEN-NOH Group.

Livestock Production Business Goals