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We, the ZEN-NOH Group, are the trusted and reliable go-between linking producers and consumers.
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Livestock Sales (of Cattle, Pigs, Chickens and Eggs)

About the Livestock Sales Business

ZEN-NOH is deploying its business in a wide range of fields related to domestically produced livestock, including the distribution and processing of cattle, pigs, chickens and eggs. We are building a meat tracking system and working to disclose production information to consumers through an egg producer profiling system to make them more comfortable about eating meat and eggs from domestically produced livestock. In addition, we have pursued quality improvements in our products by introducing quality management systems—such as the ISO 9000 series and SQF 2000 standards—at our processing facilities. Through daily efforts to strengthen our relationships with clients, we are securing stable markets and striving to serve as a bridge between consumption areas and production areas, thereby contributing to the stabilization of overall agricultural production.

Goals of the Livestock Sales Business

We promote the sales of domestically produced livestock based on the following priority objectives:

  1. Establish affiliated livestock businesses that livestock farmers can trust and rely on
  2. Supply safe, domestically produced livestock and associated products to consumers and earn their trust
  3. Maintain and expand the production infrastructure for domestically produced livestock, and strengthen sales capabilities

Livestock Distribution

What distinguishes this industry from others is that unlike other agricultural products, it starts with live animals and the need to butcher these animals. This element imposes considerable restrictions on distribution. Butchering of cattle and pigs is largely done in the production area of a meat center or at wholesale meat markets located in or near consumption areas. Later, after the meat is processed and packaged into specific cuts, it is ultimately delivered to retail outlets such as retail stores and other sales outlets as well as users such as food service businesses.
Chicken is not butchered at the places mentioned above, but is instead processed at a chicken processing plant and separated into breast meat, thigh meat and other cuts. Later, like beef and pork, it is either refrigerated or frozen for distribution, delivered to large-volume retail stores, co-ops or processed food makers, and ultimately consumed.

Meat Distribution Flowchart
Meat Distribution Flowchart

Whether they are packaged for household consumption or distributed in cardboard for wholesale purposes, eggs must travel through a grading and packaging (GP) center. GP centers can be classified by their location either in production areas (production area GPs) or consumption areas (consumption area GPs). As egg producers have grown in size, however, an increasing number of them are installing GP facilities at their farms.

Egg Distribution Flowchart
Egg Distribution Flowchart HOME