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Agribusiness General Planning Division

As a business coordinator covering the whole process from production to sales, we strive to raise farmers’ incomes.

In the agribusiness sector, we encourage production areas to introduce new varieties, new technologies, and low-cost production systems in response to actual consumer needs, and encourage efforts to match production and sales, with the aim of raising farmers’ incomes. We also undertake initiatives to develop and disseminate labor-saving and low-cost cultivation technologies and promote environmentally friendly agriculture.

A business coordinator covering everything from production to sales
Minori-Minoru Marché markets in Japan

In the Minori-Minoru Project, we operate Minori-Minoru restaurants whose guiding philosophies are "using 100% domestic fresh ingredients" and "connecting producers with consumers." Also part of this project are our "Minori-Minoru Marché" markets, where producers sell their agricultural and livestock products directly to consumers and also introduce local recipes using these products. Through these initiatives, we distribute fresh local foodstuffs, communicate producers' hopes and ideas, and help to pass on the food culture of each region to future generations.