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Rice and Grain Production Business

Rice Division / Farm Produce Division

We aim to focus on consumer needs in our rice production and sales, seeking to grow demand and ensure a stable supply.

Rice is the indispensable staple of the Japanese diet. To stabilize its supply and demand, all members of the JA Group work together to promote systematic production tailored to demand and expand stable sales based on demand from business partners.
We are also encouraging greater rice consumption through marketing that highlights the appeal of rice.

A bowl of rice ZEN-NOH Pearl Rice Corp. Chiba rice milling plant

ZEN-NOH Pearl Rice Corp. Chiba rice milling plant

ZEN-NOH’s grain production business deals with various materials used in food products, including wheat, edible starch, and soybeans.
Wheat and soybeans are produced nationwide and are essential ingredients in traditional Japanese foods like miso and soy sauce. The JA Group collects these crops from producers and ZEN-NOH systematically markets them based on each year’s crop harvest in a way that highlights the distinctive characteristics of each production area and variety.