The JA Group

Primary-level JAs (combined JAs) are organizations that conduct business activities through the participation and collective efforts of their members. They collectively purchase the materials necessary for agricultural production and market agricultural products in accordance with the Agricultural Co-operatives Act. They are also involved in a wide range of business activities, including the supply of daily necessities; savings accounts, loans, and other credit services; and mutual insurance services, including life, property, and car insurance.

Along with the national-level federation, prefectural-level federations and central unions ensure that the business activities of primary-level JAs are conducted efficiently. The JA organization as a whole is known as the JA Group. It consists of three levels: primary-level JAs; prefectural-level JA federations and CHUOKAI (Prefectural Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives) organizations; and the national-level JA federation.

Structure of the JA Group