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Agricultural Materials and Machinery

Fertilizers and Agrochemicals Division/Agricultural Materials, Machinery & Facilities Division

We are strengthening domestic and international alliances to reduce production costs.

In the fertilizer business, we are using our international network to diversify the sources of our imported fertilizer materials, aiming to ensure the stable supply of fertilizers in the long term.
We also strive to reduce overall fertilization costs through soil diagnostics and the development and promotion of labor-saving and low-cost technologies and materials.
In the agrochemicals business, we work to provide low-cost,
high-quality agrochemicals through joint development, the development and promotion of generic agrochemicals, and introduction of discounts for bulk purchases.
With the aim of conserving the environment and guaranteeing the safety of producers and agricultural products, we strive to ensure the appropriate use of agrochemicals, provide pest control that considers the surrounding environment, monitor pest control activities, and promote the use of protective gear for the safety of agrochemical users.

Low-cost wet rice cultivation experiment (JA Fukuoka-Keichiku)

Low-cost wet rice cultivation experiment (JA Fukuoka-Keichiku)

In the agricultural materials and machinery business, we deal with the materials necessary for every step from cultivation to shipping (e.g. horticultural materials, materials for sacks, and materials for cardboard boxes) and agricultural machinery. Moreover, we build and manage agricultural facilities such as grain elevators and joint fruit sorting facilities.
In addition, we propose new products to meet the needs of diverse farmers, and establish and disseminate cultivation methods and technologies applicable at large-scale experimental greenhouse facilities aiming to achieve higher yields and higher earnings. We also endeavor to enhance our handling of large, high-performance machinery suited to more intensive wet-field farming and expand rentals of agricultural machinery.

Dream Farm ZEN-NOH—established to trial stable, high-yield cultivation technology for tomatoes