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Livestock Production Business

Livestock General Planning Division / Livestock Production Division / Dairy Division

We provide safe, high-quality meat by developing and promoting technology to improve productivity, as well as ensuring the stable procurement and supply of feed materials.

In the livestock business, we are working on a wide range of activities to contribute to stable management by livestock farmers. These activities include the creation of highly prolific pig varieties and maintenance of livestock production infrastructure utilizing embryo transfer (ET) technology; research and development of technology for feeding livestock; and the stable procurement of feed materials and reduction of import costs through the utilization of overseas affiliates.

In the feed business, we are striving to ensure stable procurement of the main ingredients of compound feed (e.g. corn) by way of our subsidiaries. They include ZEN-NOH Grain Corporation, which is based in the U.S. city of New Orleans, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, where it operates a grain export elevator that handles a larger volume of grain than any other single elevator in the world. We are also expanding alliances with agricultural cooperatives in other countries, aiming to diversify sources of feed materials.

In the livestock sales business, we have used the marketing networks operated by our dedicated meat and egg processing and sales companies to create a farm-to-table food chain that delivers safe and reliable products to consumers. We also operate businesses that bring us closer to consumers, including the opening of stores for direct sales of meat and the development of processed foods for use in semi-prepared side dishes.

ZEN-NOH Grain Corporation, supporting stable procurement of feed materials

ZEN-NOH Grain Corporation, supporting stable procurement of feed materials

  • Yakiniku barbecue
  • Processed foods made from eggs
  • Package containing a Japanese wagyu Hamburg steak

To offer dairy farmers stability of management and ensure a stable supply of fresh milk and other dairy products to consumers, we sell dairy products for processing — such as raw milk, butter and powdered milk, as well as milk for commercial use — and coordinate milk supply and demand nationwide through these activities.