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Fuels Division / Consumer and Retail Goods Division

We support producers and community life through the stable supply of energy and the provision of consumer goods and services.

In the fuels business, ZEN-NOH seeks to ensure a stable supply of petroleum products to agricultural producers by procuring petroleum products from domestic and overseas suppliers, and distributing them to JA-SS service stations via our petroleum facilities across the country. We also strive to provide a stable supply of LP gas through imports from Middle Eastern countries. In addition, we have established an LP gas safety department and dedicated safety managers to strengthen safety measures, so that consumers can use LP gas safely and with peace of mind. In new business fields, we propose energy-saving and cost-saving initiatives for the JA Group's affiliated factories, support solar power generation, and engage in electricity retail.

One ZEN-NOH initiative to reduce farming energy costs focuses on power diagnostics and electricity retail sales. We encourage the introduction of equipment such as photosynthesis promotion devices and gas-fueled heat pumps in greenhouse farming to improve agricultural productivity, and strive to reduce electricity costs by consolidating and leveling power demand from farming' facilities and from the JA Group's facilities.
Through efforts to stabilize the supply of energy, which is essential for farmers, cooperative members, and local residents alike, ZEN-NOH contributes to revitalizing local community life and farming activities.

JA service station (SS)

In the consumer and retail goods business, we operate A-Coop stores and develop and distribute A-Coop brand products. In addition, we work to support everyday life in local areas by introducing new business models so that these stores can maintain and enhance their function as a lifeline for local communities. Furthermore, with the aim of expanding sales outlets for domestic agricultural and livestock products, we are strengthening our retail business to meet consumer needs by taking such steps as opening large-scale A-Coop stores attached to JA farmers' market stores, enhancing the JA Town online mall, and selling ZEN-NOH brand products.

A-COOP product range