Research and Development

The R&D units are the technical pillars that support ZEN-NOH in serving as a trusted and reliable bridge linking producers and consumers. Their work covers everything from the quality inspections that are essential to food safety to the development of new varieties and new products.

ZEN-NOH’s Research Centers and Institutes

Agricultural Research and Development Center

ZEN-NOH’s Agricultural Research and Development Center undertakes research and development to meet the needs of producers and consumers in such areas as new varieties, cultivation technologies and production materials. It also carries out inspections to ensure product safety and reliability.

Livestock Production Business

ZEN-NOH has three R&D units focused on the livestock production business: the Central Research Institute for Feed & Livestock, which develops technology related to livestock nutrition management and productivity improvements; the Institute of Animal Health, which strives to prevent infectious diseases in livestock and support sanitation management; and the ET Center, which assists in the production of high genotypic Wagyu (Japanese black beef) using embryo transfer (ET) technology.