JA Manifesto

"JA Manifesto" was drafted by amending the "Cooperatives Manifesto" and adopted at the 21st JA National Convention in 1997.

We, members, employees and officers of JA, act in accord with the fundamental definitions, values and principles of cooperative union activities (independence, self-reliance, participation, democratic management, fairness, and solidarity). We will forecast environmental changes from a global perspective and renovate our organization, business, and management. We will also cooperate with cooperatives in local communities, across the country, and all around the world, in an effort to realize a more democratic and fairer society.
To this end, we will fulfill our role in society as a community-based agricultural organization sincerely, by carrying out the following initiatives.

We will:
  1. Develop agricultural industries in regions to protect food, nature, and water of our country.
  2. Build local communities where people can live a safe and bountiful life by making a contribution to the environment, culture, and welfare.
  3. Achieve cooperative results through active participation in and solidarity with JA.
  4. Ensure sound management of JA and strengthen confidence in JA in accordance with the principles of independence, self-reliance and democratic management.
  5. Pursue the achievement of meaningful lives together through learning the spirit of cooperation and implementing cooperative activities.