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Links to the ZEN-NOH Website

As a general rule, you may link to the ZEN-NOH homepage as long as you fulfill the conditions detailed in the notes concerning links, such as the stipulations that links must not be for commercial gain and that links must take the user to the homepage of this website.

However, we do request that you use our inquiry form to inform us when creating a link to our homepage.

Please add the following comments when posting a link.

  • Official website name:
    National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (ZEN-NOH)
  • URL
  • Explanatory text:
    Website providing useful information for consumers and farmers about agriculture and food. Offers plenty of content that both adults and children will find interesting.

Notes Concerning Links

  1. When linking to this website, the URL used must be that of the homepage: http://www.zennoh.or.jp.
  2. Links may not be created for any purpose other than the convenience of visitors to this website.
    Please note that we do not accept links for the purpose of commercial gain, such as selling products or soliciting advertising in the wording under the guise of linking to this website.
  3. We do not accept links that display this website’s content in combination with other content. In addition, we do not accept links that display this website’s content as part of the linking website’s own content, even where this website’s content appears alone.
  4. We request that you refrain from links that could, in light of common sense, affect trust in ZEN-NOH and the ZEN-NOH Group.
  5. The JA logo and/or design of this website’s title may not be used as a link button on any other website. Please provide the link in the form of words that make it clear that it is the website of ZEN-NOH, such as “National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (ZEN-NOH)”.


All information (text, photographs, illustrations, etc.) provided on the network is subject to copyright. Copyright is protected under the Copyright Act of Japan and international treaties. Downloading information without the consent of the copyright holder or reproducing it without authorization on other electronic media or in printed matter is prohibited.
However, users may freely use a browser to bring the ZEN-NOH website up on a screen.


While we take all possible measures to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on the ZEN-NOH website, ZEN-NOH accepts no responsibility for any disadvantage or problem that may arise from the use of information on the ZEN-NOH website.

Using This Site (Recommended Environment)

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  • Please use the following environments from February 24, 2017.
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  • However, display problems may be experienced with some browser and operating system combinations, even in the browser environments listed above.


Plugins may be downloaded from the following websites free of charge. (As of February 2017)


Some pages on this website use JavaScript. If you have disabled JavaScript, pages may not be displayed as expected, even when using the recommended browsers listed above.
Please enable JavaScript when viewing this website.


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