ZEN-NOH’s Roles

The ZEN-NOH Group is responsible for the marketing and supply business of the JA Group, including the sale of agricultural products and the supply of materials for use in agricultural production. It works with primary-level JAs, who are members of the ZEN-NOH Group, and prefectural federations to create economies of scale to ensure the competitiveness of marketing and supply activities. These activities support increases in members’ farm incomes and expansion of their agricultural production capacity. Another of ZEN-NOH’s Roles is to supply food products to consumers across Japan through such activities.

Partnerships with Major Agricultural Cooperatives Worldwide

Unlike joint-stock corporations, cooperatives are unable to invest in or acquire each other. Thus, to ensure stable business dealings over the long term, based on fostering mutual trust through interpersonal exchange, we are strengthening ties with leading agricultural cooperatives around the world by (i) concluding agreements on stable, long-term business dealings and (ii) establishing joint ventures.

Major Agricultural Cooperatives Worldwide