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Questions about ZEN-NOH's PR activities and organization

Q1: What are ZEN-NOH's areas of business?

Based on our philosophy of acting as a "trusted and reliable bridge linking producers and consumers," the ZEN-NOH Group connects producers and consumers by supplying safe and fresh Japanese agricultural and livestock products. To this end, ZEN-NOH markets agricultural products and provides its members with low-cost, safe, high-quality materials through collective purchasing of the fertilizers, agrochemicals, feeds, agricultural machinery, and daily necessities that they use.
For more information, please visit the Our Business page.

Q2: Where can I find out about ZEN-NOH's overseas business bases?

Please visit the Global Network page.

Q3: Where can I find out about ZEN-NOH's financial situation?

Please visit the Financial Information page.

Q4: Where can I find out about ZEN-NOH's restaurants worldwide?

Please visit the ZEN-NOH Restaurants Worldwide page.